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Introducing the Street Slip

Easy to wear

With an ultra unique low-cut and a larger shoe opening, our Street Slips are quick and easy to wear.

Coming soon in 2015

Built for Comfort

With our exclusive PointComfort™ reinforcement technology, these pair of shoes are super comfortable and will get you coming back for more. Our next batch of Street Slips would see further improvements through the introduction of memory foam insoles.

Coming soon in 2015

Ultra Stylish

It’s not just functionality – these shoes will make you look like a star in everything you wear. Our ever popular designs have garnered much interest in the past few months. Such shoe designs are not easily available in the market today.

Coming soon in 2015

The New Sneaker

A new take on a classic. Our Street Sneaks have all the characteristics of the perfect sneaker (memory foam insoles, padded uppers, super durable rubber base etc), upgraded with our signature fit. A definite wardrobe essential for the modern man.

Coming soon in 2015

Our Story

the HeavyTaste Story

In 2012, three friends grew frustrated by the lack of functional innovation, which was being showcased in the footwear industry. It seemed as though we all just got used to getting blisters, repetitive styles, and ill-fitting shoes. Our aim was to create a brand which offered the ultimate in forward-thinking footwear. It was from this thought, that HeavyTaste was born.

We also wanted to celebrate Australia in our products, which is why we took inspiration from prominent Australian streets, in the design phase of our shoes. Every product we build reflects the heritage of the streets in which inspiration was obtained.

What we have created isn’t just a shoe, they are the Street Slip.

We decided to work with highly skilled, yet smaller disadvantaged manufacturers to produce our handmade shoes, using genuine leather. We combined traditional workmanship with technology to reinforce our shoes with trademarked padding for comfort, and incorporating styles fit for both males and females. What we wanted was a truly functional footwear that comes without a loss of aesthetics.

True innovation lies in the simplest of ideas. This we believe, is truly the skin you wear.

Heavy Taste Signature


Love the leather insole so much! It's not just about the look but the comfort too. The shoes also matches my everyday look, all jeans and skirts. Can't wait for the next collection!


Was a bit unsure at first, but these pair of Street Slips certainly fit what was advertised. No regrets here. Love that fit. Had a lot of compliments from mates.

Adam. W

I now have a problem with my male housemate using my shoes since we share the same size feet and love how versatile it is! I wear it to work, to a cafe and when i'm cycling.


HeavyTaste Ease of Wear

HeavyTaste Shoes with a Purpose

HeavyTaste Giving Back

Giving Back

Working with, and supporting social enterprises are the cornerstones of HeavyTaste. With these in mind, we support our partners by purchasing their goods, which we then pass onto the customer at no additional cost. This innovative transactional relationship is the concept HeavyTaste champions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do these shoes hold well?

Our shoes have been trialed and tested numerous times by different people, on different feet. They are exclusively made to fit snuggly at first and to eventually mold to the wearer’s feet within a few wears.

Are Street Slips truly the first in the world?

Our Street Slips are the result of a stringent R&D and sampling process. We have successfully invented a trademarked last that enables all of the functions of our shoes. This is exclusive to us and to our knowledge, is indeed the first in the world.

Are your shoes certified eco-friendly products?

Given constraints on place of manufacturing, our products are not certified eco-friendly. However, we strive to aim towards this goal together with our manufacturers and local producers one step at a time. We are proud to say that our packaging material and promotional items coming with our products are indeed certified eco-friendly products.

What will come in the box?

We pair all our goods with a social enterprise product where possible. If not, all goods still contribute to social enterprise causes through arrangements with these parties via other means. Currently, we are proud to have STREAT on board, and every box will come with a bag of coffee beans. Additionally, we will include an exclusive recyclable tote bag with all products.